Four Square Fine Arts represents mid-career international artists working in the mediums of painting, photography, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture. We curate exhibitions in hired galleries in London and attend art fairs.

Four Square Fine Arts shows exciting and diverse artwork from artists who are observing, questioning and reflecting on the natural world and our place and responsibility within it. In a climate of environmental uncertainty, nature is often portrayed as a threatening force to be controlled and subjugated but as science remaps our understanding an infinitely more complex web of connections and interdependence is revealed – a world where we are inextricably woven into the texture of nature with an implicit responsibility to the world we inhabit. Far from being eco-warriors, the artists we represent are exploring these questions in individual and unique ways balancing their personal interests and beliefs within a larger overarching context.


Sonia Crivello

After working with individual designer-makers and in galleries for 15 years Sonia Crivello established Four Square Fine Arts in 2002 in order to represent contemporary artists from the UK, and more recently from USA and Europe. Sonia now acts as an agent for around twenty artists by putting on curated exhibitions in London, attending major art fairs and acting as an art consultant to corporate and private clients. Her work with more than 100 artists over the past decade has refined and clarified the thematic direction of the gallery.

Marco Crivello

Marco Crivello has been a professional full-time painter for the past twenty years with a particular passion for improvisation. He is familiar with the work of all the artists Four Square Fine Arts represents, often attends appointments with clients, assists at gallery exhibitions and at art fairs. Marco writes reviews and catalogue essays for other artists and liases on projects and educational initiatives.