Anne Berlit

Anne Berlit studied Fine Art at Hochschule Heidelberg and Kunstakademie Dusseldorf. An incredibly talented and versatile artist her creative work covers many disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance providing fertile ground for her exploration into geometrical structure and organic forms and to what extent they can be brought together into harmonious and beautiful synthesis in her work.

Colour and space have become increasingly important. In 2009 Berlit began to use industrial materials like plexiglass and in Berlit’s hands increases the perception of light and space within the artwork as it develops from a two dimensional surface as in her paintings into striking three-dimensional forms.

Berlit is fascinated by people and marvels at how they interact with the structures and forms that she creates. Often working with people on an intellectual, emotional as well as physical level, she has been involved in a number of public art projects including Grenzgänger, 2005 a drawing installation collaborating with prison inmates from different cultural backgrounds over an eighteen-month period, and Avoir Part, 2002, a six-week residency involving working with young men in Dakar, Senegal creating an installation of powerful geometric wooden sculptures made from local trees.