Christina Fedyk

Christina Fedyk graduated from Leicester De Montfort University with a BA in Fine Art painting. She now lives and works in Brighton, UK. The works we are showing are a variety of monoprints, but she also expresses her creative ideas through other media: painting, print making, sculpture and ceramics.

"I am fascinated by the power of marks and the huge richness and complexity to be found within the creative process. For me it is a kind of balancing act of instinct, intuition and considered decision making. It is an amazing dialogue which reveals deeper insights and broadens ideas. It reveals aspects of what it means to be human. The starting point for my current body of work was the idea of structure - the bones around which things grow- or the thing that holds everything down. I wanted to describe something very solid and tangible whilst also suggesting fleeting emotional complexities and nuances. Transforming these ideas through print making has been a fantastic journey into bold statement, mark making and texture." 

In observing the details of daily life she collects a wealth of imagery which then informs a process of mark making and abstraction. This dialogue shifts and changes until the overall image begins to convey an energy, emotion or a sense of its own.