Danielle Van Broekhoven

Danielle Van Broekhoven studied at Tilburg Art Academy and gained an MFA from the Art Academy of St Joost in 2001. She was nominated for the prestigious Royal Prize for Painters in 2007 and represented in The Netherlands by galleries in The Hague and Maastricht and in the UK by Four Square Fine Arts.

Van Broekhoven’s poetic reflections on nature, seen and sensed, radiate a spontaneous vitality. With improvisation at the heart of her work, paintings begin, not with prepared sketches, but by pouring, tilting and spreading diluted oils and acrylics on canvases laid flat on the studio floor. Compositions are then intuited, coaxed from the moving liquid, into which calligraphic dashes, streaks and flicks, define and anchor space. Building through successive layers creates a striking contrast between opaque skins of flat colour and veils of vibrant translucent tones she gives the viewer paintings with an intriguing interplay, between surface and depth, abstraction and figuration.