Dirk Salz puts the creation ofreflection and transparency in a productive relationship of tension, he initiates our gaze as a process of experience”. Reflections and Transparency: New Works by Dirk Salz by Peter Lodermeyer 2010.

Dirk Salz

Dirk Salz is based in Essen in Northern Germany and has exhibited extensively in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, USA and Canada. His work since 2008 has focused on developing highly polished surfaces of resins to which pigments are added and sealed with a varnish. The stunning glass-like appearance of his paintings create diffuse reflections showing up on the surface and confusing what can be immediately distinguished between the reflection of the surrounding environment and what is actually contained within the painting.

Each layer is saturated with colour pigment, brushed or rolled onto the surface in varying thicknesses and in horizontal and vertical patterns accentuating subtle tones and hues. Initially Salz worked with monochrome shades of blacks, whites and greys but more recently has explored other colours particularly reds, greens and blues. The picture edges reveal beautifully coloured irregular runs and drips over the sides of the panels and act as a sensitive counterpoint to the seemingly perfect horizontal reflective surface of the painting and simultaneously reveal evidence of the processes explored underneath.

Ultimately, Dirk Salz questions, “What is real and what is only a reflection? Are reflections unreal? Or do they show us a space without physical presence, a possibility beyond our knowledge?