The Space Between

For many years, Eberhard Ross has taken inspiration for his work from natural phenomena and also from music. Ross painstakingly covers canvases and sheets of paper with networks of lines and pattern that develop organically in a repetitive and meditative process which he calls “organic geometry”. In the apparent randomness of the lines he is searching for a quality or a non-symmetrical order as one finds in nature in the veins of plants, in the flow of water, in the grain of wood, in the mass flocking of birds in the sky. This sense of order is more familiar to those who have studied Chinese philosophies. His interest is not only concerning the lines themselves but “the space between” the lines. In this film, Ross talks about his work, his passion for music and his wish to convey something about the wonder and order of everything in nature.

By special arrangement with Manfred Eicher at ECM, the soundtrack for The Space Between, features piano music by Keith Jarrett.