Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer

Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer was born in Duisburg, Germany and trained in Fine Art at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf where he was awarded the prestigious “Meisterschuler” certificate of excellence. Schmitz-Schmelzer pours resin coloured with a combination of pigments, powders and binding agents onto wooden bases, sometimes in parallel layers at other times vertically. Occasionally, he pours vertically and parallel to the base in the same work by rotating the mould. The colours created are altered by the quantity of pigment and binding agent and by the relationship of reflection and refraction each colour layer has on its neighbours. The colours are opaque, transparent, milky, grainy, glittery or shiny. As the layers of colour are hidden during the pouring process it is not until the final polishing where the artists’ “controlled surprises” are revealed.

The layers of resin are similar to the layers of sedimentation seen in nature in geological formations. Increasingly the grain within the wooden bases are a factor in the compositions. Schmitz-Schmelzer has been painting for many decades and has work in public and private collections worldwide.