Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt specialised in Illustration whilst studying for a degree in Graphic Design. Hunt’s current work is inspired by the natural world and how the seasons make variations in the landscape leading her to create a visual record of what she observes be it an ageing leaf on an autumn day, seaweed washed up on the tide, the fragile remains of a moth on a windowsill. It is often the small, ephemeral details that initally strike her and these develop and absorb her attention as she attempts to depict what she sees at close quarters.

Hunt’s interest in the natural world has developed recently into a fascination for Victorian Entomological collections housed in mahogany display cabinets. Sourcing antiquarian book covers, endpapers and occasionally small bibles or latin texts she draws detailed illustrations of moths, beetles and bees in such a way as to complement the substrate. Beautiful and sensitive compositions are created acknowledging the colours and markings of the insects and the surface on which they are depicted so they can emerge from the surface rather than dominate it and are then enclosed in a dark box-like frame.

Hunt has exhibited with several galleries in the UK and abroad and also at the Royal Academy Summer Show in London. Her work is held in numerous private collections worldwide.