For over 20 years, contemporary landscape artist Marco Crivello's work has been grounded in an exploration of improvisation. In his paintings we encounter, as noted art critic Julian Bell, "a mind hard at work, criticizing and challenging itself – in short, an artist of vigorous ambition ... A masterly technician."

Threshold takes us into the artist's studio, with revealing footage of his improvised working methods. In an engaging interview, Crivello reflects frankly on his creative dialogue, it's challenges, and how ultimately he believes a surrender to process, with its letting go of expectations and preciousness, is always a threshold to new possibilities; raising wider implications for the creative process' potential to enrich our daily lives.

A fresh and thought provoking look at this exciting artist's ideas and work.

Artist Portrait

A portrait of the artist through the eyes of artist fim-maker Abigail Norris commissioned in conjunction with the solo exhibition Chronochromie: The Colour of Time held in 2010.