Marco Crivello – Prints

We have recently launched a series of six beautiful signed limited edition prints by Marco Crivello based on original paintings by the artist. They are a combination of giclee and silkscreen and printed on very nigh quality 330gsm Somerset paper and measure 80cm x 80cm. The prints are a relatively small edition and can be bought at the fraction of the price of the original.

…The shoreline is as far as the body can go, the horizon as far as the eye, but the mind overruns both. Limits only prompt it to dream harder: it yearns to be out there, where light breaks the clouds that hang over unseen stretches of sea. This kind of stimulus is basic to Marco Crivello’s paintings. Their tones are deep, their weather bracingly wintry. They are romantic invitations into the gleaming distance, painted by a believer in the imagination…

Julian Bell author of What is Painting; Representation and Modern Art published by Thames & Hudson.

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