Bodimeade’s wealth of knowledge of the art of painting, its history and more especially the critical contemporary embrace of lens-based imagery as source material, is crucial, as is his fencer’s attack of mark making.  He has a sure instinct for processing the raw data of photographic ‘snaps’ into dynamic abstractions that construct two-dimensional armatures for holding the space of the canvas open, making an arena for the daring performance in paint – poised, breathy, committed, exhilarating. Chris McHugh 2016

Nick Bodimeade

Nick Bodimeade offers us new perspectives on everyday scenes. Over the years his subjects have included herds of cows, dogs, lorries, sheds, his studio chair but it his paintings of  beach figures for which he is best known. Pared back compositions hover between the figurative and abstract. We can distinguish clothing, swimwear, bare flesh through the sparest of marks, a mere  suggestive stroke or buttery daub, deftly applied. 

Confident brushwork anchors the patchwork of figures into a flattened plane, the glare of fierce sunlight and shadow adding to the “geometry” of figures in juxtaposition with each other and the space they occupy. The assertiveness of the paint handling encourages the eye to travel across the surface from one group or cluster to the next, and in this way the individuals become connected, relating to each other within the composition, a metaphor for our interdependence in real life.

Bodimeade’s most recent series of work depicts ‘B’ Roads’ in stunning,vibrant colour combinations suggesting the shifting, moving scenery as the artist mountain bikes his way through his local landscape. And the excitement of this energised, first-hand interrogation of what the land can offer the painter is rendered through a commensurate panache in painterly methodology.