“A romantic impulse permeates the work, a taste for luxurious sensation and a lingering sense of distant memories—the kind evoked by specific colors, tones and shapes. The paintings intimate; they never declare. Playing on resonant sensations and painted with a highly refined sensibility, Shakespear’s paintings are a sobering reminder of the power of pictorial possibility.” Mary Sherman, Smooth Colour, Boston Herald, April 25, 1999

Paul Shakespear

Paul Shakespear was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied Fine Art at the University of Manchester, UK and the School of Fine Art, Boston, USA and now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Shakespear creates beautiful, luscious abstract paintings using thirty or more transparent glazes which he applies with a trowel, rags and brushes over lengthy periods of time in order to create panels saturated and glowing with colour. He is fascinated with the surface qualities of the painting and pushes the boundaries of what the paint and his technical ability can achieve in what he describes as a "mysteriously powerful compression of emotion, memory and visual delight" . Looking at his paintings there is the impression of looking into a deep water lagoon, at lichen-covered rock, rusty metal or of wood grain, yet each work is without a formal narrative held within strict geometrical boundaries. Paul Shakespear exhibits with several galleries in the USA and is represented by Four Square Fine Arts in the UK.

"Although the structure is essentially abstract and geometric, the painting, like the rest of the work projects an engaging physicality by way of colour and surface atmosphere. In the end these paintings are minimal without being austere, subtle and delicate, while brash and daring - like life itself."  Mary Sherman, Art New England 2001