Philippa Karakashian

Philippa Karakashian studied Fine Art printmaking at the University of Brighton as a mature student. After completing her degree she began to develop a series of works combining mixed media with printed surfaces, particularly collograph. This method derived from collage combines various materials on a base metal plate to create an image. After the plate is sealed an inked on both sides it passes through a press which is transferred and/or embossed onto dampened heavyweight paper.

This labour intensive technique ensures that each successful print is unique. It works beautifully in helping Karakashian to convey her abstract responses to the natural chalky landscape of Sussex, particularly the coastal margins and hinterland at low tide. Walking in this environment the artist collects, examines and observes obsolete washed up fragments which become a focus for contemplation and inspiration for making new work based on the passage of time and movement. In this recent series the work is highly textured and full of subtle contrast as the artist rigorously eliminates, edits and selects elements and motifs often incorporating fragile and dessicated material. Her preference for a subtle muted palette helps to highlight her search for a sense of order and alludes to the mapping of this domain.