Serena Partridge

Serena Partridge exquisitely made accessories and garments reflect a passion for historical European costume. Her particular interest is the flamboyant fashions paraded by the wealthy elite although Serena is not concerned with producing historically accurate replicas. In her work, scale and proportion are distorted to create curios that send up the frivolity and futility within fashion at the time. Her work involves endless hours of hand stitching, mixing antique fabric trimmings and embroidery. Presenting her follies as museum acquisitions, complete with fictional labels, the presentation heightens the anonymous qualities, as it to distance the viewer from the maker.

Serena's work has many of the parallels with classic storytelling – from Gulliver's Travels, a story of an imaginary voyage full of fantasy; to Great Expectations, featuring Miss Haversham, the ageing, jilted bride surrounded by the decaying vestiges of marriage. Some of the pieces relate to specific fairytales including the Elves and the Shoemaker.

Serena has a number of works in public collections in museums in the North of England and has had solo shows within public gallery settings as well as commercial galleries.