Stephen Forbes

Stephen Forbes lives in Northern Ireland and trained at the Royal Academy Schools, London and John Moores University in Liverpool. His works has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including the Royal Acdemy Main Galleries and Sackler Wing, London and the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin. His work is held in private and public collections worldwide including Allied Irish Bank, Deutsche Bank and The Ulster Bank.

His most recent body of work is about rhythm, both the rhythm of mark making and the rhythm of the small figures jostling across the surface. The overall scheme of marks form a pattern and passages of drawing that allows the eye to wander across the picture plane, absorbing the movement and energy. Suspended within the dimensions of the canvas, the viewer , on closer inspection can hone in on individual dancers, jiving and partying and having a great time, some together, some alone and some in large groups. From a distance the dancers merge in to one another in groups forming abstract patterns.

The paintings work on two levels, they are fun and alive yet at the same time have a sophistication and coolness, that references traditions of European figure painting and Abstract Expressionism. They are a hive of human activity and a scurried balance of negative and positive space.

Four Square Fine Arts are delighted to be representing Stephen Forbes in the UK