Susan Elliott

Susan Elliott’s work is made out of tourist mementoes and souvenirs.  Scouring the second- hand shops of seaside resorts and car boot fairs for her materials, the kitchen crockery, novelty mugs, figurines, ashtrays, and badges that she finds are combined with more traditional mosaic tesserae to create quirkily beautiful and iconic pieces.

“My studio is an archive of the nation’s mantelpieces and an affectionate collection of the kitsch and the idiosyncratic within which I think there is an inherent beauty. These objects, once bought as a reminder of good times, offer the stereotypical view that speaks of inbuilt Home Truths. People will often spend a long time looking at a piece of my work, discovering familiar objects which come with their own attachments and finding new connections and meanings. I like to take the familiar and place it into a new context by association with other objects or statements.’

Susan Elliot is represented in the UK by Four Square Fine Arts and Mauger Modern.