Susanna Bauer

"My work begins with a walk. I find a leaf, a piece of driftwood. I take it home. Its new life begins."

Susanna Bauer was born in the Bavaria, Germany and after living in France, Ireland and London now resides in Cornwall. Bauer worked for 18 years as a model maker for the film industry developing her technical skills in handling a broad range of materials and techniques and also studied at Camberwell College of Art. Having crocheted and knitted throughout childhood she now concentrates on making small sculptural objects with found natural materials transforming them by weaving and crocheting using natural thread and the finest of needles. Whilst out walking she comes across natural objects – twigs, leaves, driftwood that lend themselves to being delicately experimented with to create a new narratives – pieces of driftwood grow woollen cocoons, leaves become encircled with a delicate webs of lace.The balance between fragility and strength, form, texture and shape and the tension between preconception and interpretation is of endless interest and fascination.