Sylvia Moritz

After a studying Graphic Design in Vienna, followed by placements in Boston, New York and San Francisco, Sylvia Moritz has recently graduated from the University of the Arts in London in 2014 as a Graphic artist. Her travels and work placements in big cities across Europe and the USA have undoubtedly influenced her beautiful Cityscape series of etchings which Four Square Fine Arts are delighted to be exhibiting at the beginning of this young artists' exciting career.


Sylvia Moritz describes her inspiration for this series: "As our population grows so too do our urbanised areas, in often unpredictable and chaotic ways. Entirely overgrown with habitats, the "Cityspheres‘ are 360 degree stereographic panoramas that can be displayed any way up. The transition from macro to micro creates an involving experience, while successfully incorporating the detailed materials and textures of metropolitan areas. Box by box, brick by brick, girder by girder, the fantasy of a totally industrial earth becomes evermore real. Atrocity, Dencity and Capacity embody the illustrative mark-making process of etching - that incorporates the incomprehensible detail of city landscapes visually."