Tania Rutland

Tania Rutland studied at the Royal College of Art prior to becoming a full time painter and printmaker. Working across a range of media including oil, watercolour and etching her current body of work explores a space between abstraction and representation. Rutland has developed a unique visual language influenced as much by pattern and repetition as by forms and shapes suggested by the land itself. As Duncan Bullen explains, “it is not an idealized picturesque or pastoral view of landscape that interests her, nor is it that other great Western idea of the beautiful and sublime, with its capacity to inspire awe, wonder or reverence, but rather it is what she refers to as a ‘humanised countryside’, that concerns her. It is the patterns and repetitions of tracks and paths that cut through a field, delineated by fence posts or isolated buildings, the play of light revealing or concealing something for a transitory moment in time, something overlooked or forgotten that she wants to capture through her work.”

There is evidence of a strong affinity and knowledge of the chalked registration marks and hand-stitched lines of tailored cloth, and like the earth, toiled and worked meticulously. Quiet and ethereal these delicate, veiled landscapes are re-presentations of a sense or spirit of place. Tania Rutland exhibits with several galleries in the UK including Four Square Fine Arts.